DD Haulage & Machine Movers
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Our Trucks

Scania R320

Our R320 is a flatbed rigid it has a PM 40SP crane that is cab rear mounted to facilitate over length loads if required.

It is fitted with a drive-on/drive-off cheese-wedge beaver tail ramp, winch and towbar. In line with some construction site health & safety requirements it is also fitted with a detachable post and side rail fall protection system

Load Bed Length 26ft 4''
Max Load Length 32ft
Max Load Width 8ft
Max Load Weight 8 Ton
PM 40SP Crane
Max Reach 11m
Max Lift 9 Ton
Lift Capacity
11m 3 Ton
9m 4 Ton
4m 8 Ton

Scania R310

Our R310 is a flatbed rigid with a tail mounted PM 34S Crane. This truck is also fitted with a unique, custom designed retractable load cover, meaning sensitive and valuable machinery can be transported both out of sight and protected from the weather.

Load Bed Length 25ft
Max Load Length 25ft
Max Load Width 9ft
Max Load Weight 9.75 Ton
PM 40SP Crane
Max Reach 9m
Max Lift 8.5 Ton
Lift Capacity
9m 2.3 Ton
4m 8.5 Ton